Gallery Artists

Mary de Wilde


Mary de Wilde graduated from East Surrey College of Art and Design in

Surrey, England. After moving to Los Angeles in 1969, she studied ceramics at Glendale Community College and drawing and design at Los Angeles City College.

Mary’s interest in photography originally was to take visual notes for possible future paintings. Her favorite locations to work are the natural wonders and beauty of the Central Coast. Her work is representational, but sometimes she combines images which she calls her "Ghost Photos". She loves the textures of the natural world around her and refers to them as "Nature’s Fabric”. Her most recent exhibit was at Gallery Western in Los Angeles.

Karri Smith


Karri Smith is a Restoration Ecologist & Professional Wetland Scientist from Salt Lake City Utah. In her extensive travels all over the Western United States and the World she has captured a variety of Birds, Foxes and other wonderful animals in their most natural states with her camera!

Cathy Lischerelli

Watercolor Painting


Cathy spends her time developing her own studio projects. Her years an as art educator do not guarantee success as an artist, but she continues to study, practice and be inspired by new challenges!

All works integrate her knowledge of art history and design art elements and principles to strengthen the composition of her pieces. Subject matter is taken from personal photographs that inspire her to paint. She hops you will enjoy viewing her pieces as much as she did creating them for you!

Dottie Phelps Visker

Abstract Acrylic Painting

Embrace life and enjoy the ride! You decide your life story! Happiness is your choice-so take it. Smile and people will smile back at you. 😍

Born in 1963, south Jersey. I was always busy creating as far back as I remember.
I am a self taught painter and but watched my Mom paint sometimes. I had several art classes in high school (that I loved) and oil painting class in college. I have done some smaller classes off and on for watercolor painting and jewelry making. However it wasn't until 2005 when I had breast cancer that I wanted to express myself and leave my mark on the world. I did drawings, watercolors, acrylics painting, card making and jewelry making. I started selling my jewelry in local boutiques and spas in 2006 in the Bay Area, Je T'aime Paris. In 2009 I was in full swing doing acrylic painting, especially abstract. 2014 knocked down with diagnosis of cancer left breast, but after a month, and returned from christmas holiday, the confirmed cancer mass was gone! It was my Christmas Miracle, documented in my chart at UC Davis Cancer Center.

In my backyard I get inspiration-Colors in the flowers, sky and birds. I like to paint outside and inside. I adore the sunshine and have to be in a sunny room near the window. Hopefully I am wearing something new-it always seems to inspire me. Or is it that I'm already inspired and that's why I went shopping and bought something new to wear because I'm happy?

I hope this art will enliven your surroundings and make many sensations! Enjoy and live life to the fullest. Dottie.

Jerry de Wilde


Jerry, aka "Dok," was born on January 1st, 1938 in Brooklyn, NY, where he lived until he left to attend college at Columbia University in 1955. After graduating Columbia with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1959, he moved west to Los Angeles in the spring of 1960. He then enrolled in the Theater Academy at Los Angeles City College to study acting, directing and producing. In 1964, after appearances in several plays and a few TV shows, he was introduced to fine art photographer Robert Frank.

In the fall of 1966 he moved into a small cabin in Big Sur to simplify his life and emerged the next spring to work in production on the Monterey Pop Festival. Using "The Farm" as a home base, he traveled around the country and Europe photographing Art Happenings, Love-Ins, Anti-War demonstrations, and the Counter Culture of the late 60's and early 70's.

He met his wife Mary in London, England, and they were married in late 1969 in Los Angeles. Their daughter, Autumn, was born in 1970 in Woodstock, NY and son Jacob was born in Los Angeles in 1973.

In 1992 he was invited to be an associate professor of fine art photography at Woodbury University where he taught for 7 years. Most recently he has been photographing and printing large and medium format black and white abstract landscapes shot mostly in the American Southwest and Scotland.

Jessica Trujillo


Photography couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. When I took my first black and white film photography class two years ago I started out very shy and lacked confidence with the loss of self-identity. But then I was exposed to the world through photographs.

Like a form of communication, photography shares true stories, endless ideas, and real emotion. It had opened my eyes – that was the start of my reinvention. I now wander with curiosity through life, and venture into my mind to find truth.

I have explored various subject matters using different techniques. Starting from the release of the shutter, to the development of the film, and finally the creation of the photograph in the darkroom, I foster a close connection with my pieces.

I’m very passionate about my work and I am excited to share it with you.

Mark Clark


I'm self-educated in my art, it results from experimentation and reading, failing and trying again. I love the joy of trying new ideas and the new insights that comes with successes and failures. It's the "happy accidents" and new materials that allow me to really add movement to my sculptures.

Creativity has been the guiding constant of my whole life, whether it is building wooden chairs for the front porch, a playhouse for my grandkids, painting a watercolor, working on a drawing over coffee, or, especially, working on a sculpture in my studio, I strive to always be creative and to show others the power and joy of creativity.

I also try to show the wonder and magnificence of nature in my work and I hope you can see that when you look at what I’ve made.

Above all, I hope you enjoy the movement and color I strive to put into each piece.

Kitty Levee


Kitty creates bright, colorful jewelry and sculptures that will enliven every part of your day while accessorizing with everything you own!

Janet Lynn

Sculptures & Wire Art

Janet has been making crosses for years, she started by playing around with wire, stones, semi-precious crystals, silver, rhinestones and many more. Janet makes unique and one of a kind pieces, not only Crosses, but also Stars and Medallions as well!  Each piece is more beautiful than the last, and any piece is a great beginning to a beautiful collection!

One of Janet Lynn's Crosses

Walter Saul

Composer & Pianist

Walter's mission as a composer is to create musical icons, windows of sonic light, that ushers listeners into the presence of Jesus Christ and reveal a little of His heavenly glory to us.

Walter has 6 CD's avaliable in Gallery at Marina Square!

Jeremy Baker


Whether a scenic landscape, a star filled night, the story kept by rural and urban decay, or trying to reveal the soul of a person through making their portrait, I am in constant search for the beauty life holds. And with this search, I find it difficult to fit my photography into one photographic genre. 

In the creation of my art, I use several different types of cameras, but nothing connects me to the spirit of the photographic process like shooting film. I find the beauty of the cameras and their use as much a part of my craft as developing the film and seeing the image to print. To me, my film images have a soul all of their own. 

It is truly a pleasure to be able o share with you, a glimpse of the world through my eyes. 

Christina Lievanos

Hand Made & Wire-Wrapped Jewelry


Christina has been creating and selling Jewelry throughout the United States for many years. Her skill with wire is readily apparent - you can see the tremendous quality and detail in all of her work. Christina is featuring her work in both the Upper and Lower Galleries here in Gallery at Marina Square!

Aris Zavitsanos

Photography & Digital Mixed Media

They say Space is the final frontier but the mind and imagination can take you further than the depths of space ...

Space has always been so fascinating to me and has influenced my art throughout the years. My inspiration started in Crete Greece, when I saw a street artist making a beautiful space scene using spray-paint. The different techniques the artist used surprised me. When he finished he turned his spray can upside down and made a comet, the spark to my inspiration. When I returned back to my home in Pacific Grove CA, I spent hours upon hours trying to re-create the Greek artist’s style and I eventually succeeded. That wasn't enough, I wanted to do more, so I took more and more art classes and eventually got into AP art where my teacher, Mr. Kelly, pushed me to try new techniques and mediums. I am grateful Mr. Kelly did so because I would have never found my niche. My art is a mixture of the photographs gathered from friends and family and my different adventures along with lots of time on a tablet with Photoshop. Once I manifest my idea on the computer I print it out on canvas or watercolor paper and add acrylics with gloss varnish. This saturates and brings the highlights out allowing me to control the focus of each art piece. My art is always evolving and I am working on some new techniques right now; I hope to share my results with you soon!

Duane Laurabee

Mixed Media Painting

Duane is a painter in various media and paints wonderful landscapes both in the representational style and abstract style.

Duane lives in Santa Ynez. Welcome aboard Duane!

Suzanne Leon

Acrylic Painting

Suzanne paints still life, nature and Landscapes. She uses acrylic paints to create amazing, beautiful paintings of our wonderful Central Coast and the fantastic life within it!

Suzanne's paintings can be found in our Upper Gallery! 

Suzanne lives here in Morro Bay.

Craig Harrill

Acrylic, Oil, Pen and Ink and more

Craig B. Harrill is a teacher in the central valley with deep family ties to Morro Bay. He has done several murals, and many sets and backgrounds for theater productions.

“I love to surf, and the ocean has cradled me in her arms for over 50 years now. I paint scenes, or draw images, that evoke emotions. I enjoy doing different types of medias and I am always wanting someone to look at my work and say “Aaah” or “hmmm?”

“I do portraits, murals, commissions, sculpture, charcoals, oils, acrylics, inks and I also make spirit bags out of Deer Leather.”

Craig lives in Exeter California, his artwork can be found in our Upper Gallery!!

Marjorie Zlotowitz


There’s plenty of evidence that since the rise of humankind, we’ve been making art. For lack of a cave wall, my first masterpiece, a maroon Crayola giraffe, was executed on the upholstery of a new piece of furniture. My mother assured me that was when I began suffering for my art.

Ever since we humans figured out how to string stones and bones, we’ve adorned ourselves with things we find aesthetically pleasing. I got in on that action after a half-century of drawing and painting. Now, I view jewelry-making as 3-dimensional painting. I love the colors, shapes, and textures of natural stones, various metals, and vintage beads. The breathtaking beauty of the Central Coast provides endless inspiration. If you share my obsession with shiny, sparkly, and natural things, please have a look. If you make a purchase, you'll be supporting Alzheimer's and cancer research. Wear my jewelry in good health!

Ryan Carroll

Paper Cutting Artwork.

Paper-cutting  is the art of cutting paper designs. The art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adapt to different cultural styles.

Ryan lives in Santa Maria. 

Sharon Sobraske

Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Painter

I have always been an artist. If someone were to ask me how long I have been painting, I would say, "most of my life". I began as a child with crayons and pencil drawings and have painted either in my mind or on paper and canvas. A "perfect" day for me is a day spent painting.
I have studied with Robert Burridge, Roger Robinson, Tom Fong, John Barnard, Donna Zagatta, Eric Peterson, Jeanette Wolfe, Sally Tippman, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Dale Laitenin and many others.

I love to "experiment" so I have spent time exploring watercolors, acrylics, collage, mixed media and oil. There is nothing that I will not try and excel at! I have had paintings in numerous juried shows over the years and have work in several private collections. In 2010 I became a juried member of the Central Coast Watercolor Society and in 2013 I became a juried member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters and won third place honors for my painting. I was also a juried resident artist in Studios on the Park in Paso
Robles, CA for several years.

It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I have enjoyed painting them for you!


Joe Aleman


Joe Aleman lives in Bakersfield and comes to the Central Coast once a month.  He does Letter Art—letter-tiles to put on a wooden holder so that people can spell out words and display them.