Charles Pruitt


Morro Bay Harbor © Charles Pruitt

Arroyo Grande resident Charles Pruitt began taking photographs over 40 years ago when he was given an old 35mm camera by a family friend.

While living in Hawaii, Chuck was mentored by Boone Morrison, founder of the Volcano Art Institute in Volcano National Park. This association led to meeting and learning from Brett Weston, Minor White, and Paul Caponigro. During this time Chuck began working in large and medium film formats, abstract photography using color infrared film and long exposures; often taking a 4x5 Crown Graphic on backpacking trips.

Chuck studied photography after returning to California. While in college he combined Chemistry and Photo classes to recreate historic techniques of wet plate negatives, cyanotypes, platinum and albumin printing methods. Chuck received state and national recognition for his experimental prints.

Chuck took up digital photography in 2004, but still uses his 50+ year old Hassleblad.

In 2008 Chuck began printing on canvas and other fine art media. This process is called Giclée (zhee clay) and uses archival inks and media.

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Jenn Holden said...

The most beautiful images of Morro Bay you'll ever see. I love his work. And I'm so proud of it.
Love you Dad.

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