Nina S. Litvinoff

Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor

Angry Bear © Nina S. Litvinoff

Nina Litvinoff studied art at a very early age with her father. Both could be seen sketching and painting on the Morro Bay Embarcadero, or other coastal areas, with Nina's mother by their side. Nina later graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and obtained a credential to teach art from CSUN. Nina sketches, paints with oil, acrylic or watercolor.

A native of the Central Coast, Nina enjoys sketching subject matter on the spot, in the open air. Nina likes to sketch scenes that evoke fantasy and the whimsical in her very detailed works of ships, Coastal scenes with peaceful bays, otters and seals basking in the sun with their pups in tangles of seaweed, boats moored and Victorian homes, to mention a few.

Nina enjoys commissioned paintings, sketches or other assignments utilizing fantasy and her imagination.

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