Geary Wootten

Oil and Graphite 

Napali Coast Wave © Geary Wootten

Central California born Wootten has always loved a variety of outdoor sanctuaries. He has sought out these sacred scenes in places as big as the entire scope of the Pacific Ocean from high atop Big Sur, California or from the islands of Hawaii. The artist also finds treasures of outdoor life in places as small as 25 square foot gardens residing in the corners of backyards owned by friends and family. Also known for capturing likenesses of those friends and family he extends his expertise to portraiture as well.

Being well versed for over three decades in Illustration and Graphic Art production has honed Wootten’s eyes for detail of form and contrast in all types of artistic subject matter. His style ranges from super realism to loose impressionism but all artwork includes the attention of explicit accuracy without losing the “feel” of a form whether it be figurative, illustrative, or the wide open spaces of plein aire artwork.
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