Kathryn Thomas

Fused Glass 

Dinner plates © Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Wullner Thomas has been designing and creating stained glass windows and fused glass pieces for several years as a way to escape her primary career as a forensic psychologist. Now retired and living in Morro Bay, she is focusing exclusively on working with color and design incorporated into functional art (including serving platters, sushi or dinner plates, bowls, dessert dishes, etc.), window inserts, and decorative sculptures. Pieces are available both in the gallery and by commission. Please feel free to view additional pictures at the main desk of Gallery at Marina Square, Morro Bay.
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Linda Loebs


Ocean and Sky © Linda Loebs

Art is not new me. As a child I remember crawling behind our couch to draw on the wall a whole village of circle people. My skills have come a long way since my wall drawings, but the passion is still there. I love to paint, to create, to watch as an image appears. It’s always exciting to me to see how colors come together on my canvas, and my art reflects this love of color.

While painting is not new to me, being in a gallery is a new experience. I’m so excited to join the many talented artists at Gallery at Marina Square. I have two degrees in art: an AA in Fine Art from Cuesta College and a BS in Art and Design from Calpoly. Since gaining my degrees this is the first time I’ve been able to dedicate myself to my fine art and I’m looking forward to where it takes me.
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