Lauren Chow


A Los Angeles photographer now living in the Central Coast focuses on portraits, landscapes, fashion and special engagements. Lauren has a love for being on the road exploring wherever life may lead.

Growing up having a love for art, it didn't take long for her to find passion and enjoyment for photography. Most important fulfillment she strives for in her work is having the connection and emotion brought to her clients. For them to feel relaxed and natural while in front of a lens. People have told her, she has an eye for what other may not see. In the end, it all comes from the joy of what she does. You can't be a photographer without a bit of travel, right? Endlessly being inspired by surroundings, she gravitates towards different cultures - nature - architecture and more.

Every photograph tells a a story. It reveils different meanings. Lauren's Photography illustrates both depth and quality.

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