Adam Trovao

Adam is a resident of Morro Bay, CA. As an avid backpacker and all around outdoor enthusiast,a love of nature like Adam’s follows a few simple principles, paramount amongst them to leave all areas as pristine as possible. In his hundreds of miles of outdoor exploration, Adam has taken only memories. His exploration of the world, wether miles from civilization or in his own backyard left him filled with wonder that he felt compelled to share. Studying the art and science of photography has enabled Adam to share his passion and his memories of the beautiful places he has explored, along with his home on the central coast. Aside from landscape photography, he has found joy in capturing special moments for others through wedding and portrait photography. After capturing his first wedding for some good friends, he fell in love with the idea of capturing special moments for people, as well as his special moments in nature. Thus began Adam Trovao Photography.

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