Timothy John Peters

Timothy John Peters, Wood Sculpture & Digital Abstraction 

I moved from Michigan to California in 1988 after a very technical education in Accounting and Electrical Engineering. My interest in art was triggered in the early 1980's by new technology that allowed me to write computer programs that calculated, displayed and even printed graphics. I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan in 1985 when I became fascinated with a new device called a LaserWriter. I have continued my exploration of computer generated graphics over the last 30 years but there are times when I feel the need to create something not constrained by mathematical precision. I have found that wood sculpting satisfies that creative urge. It makes me feel good that I can rescue a piece of wood doomed to the shredder or fireplace and create a piece of art that will still be around long after I'm gone. Hold one of my wood pieces and feel the energy transferred by me into its soul.


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