Dottie Phelps Visker

Abstract Acrylic Painting

Embrace life and enjoy the ride! You decide your life story! Happiness is your choice-so take it. Smile and people will smile back at you. 😍

Born in 1963, south Jersey. I was always busy creating as far back as I remember.
I am a self taught painter and but watched my Mom paint sometimes. I had several art classes in high school (that I loved) and oil painting class in college. I have done some smaller classes off and on for watercolor painting and jewelry making. However it wasn't until 2005 when I had breast cancer that I wanted to express myself and leave my mark on the world. I did drawings, watercolors, acrylics painting, card making and jewelry making. I started selling my jewelry in local boutiques and spas in 2006 in the Bay Area, Je T'aime Paris. In 2009 I was in full swing doing acrylic painting, especially abstract. 2014 knocked down with diagnosis of cancer left breast, but after a month, and returned from christmas holiday, the confirmed cancer mass was gone! It was my Christmas Miracle, documented in my chart at UC Davis Cancer Center.

In my backyard I get inspiration-Colors in the flowers, sky and birds. I like to paint outside and inside. I adore the sunshine and have to be in a sunny room near the window. Hopefully I am wearing something new-it always seems to inspire me. Or is it that I'm already inspired and that's why I went shopping and bought something new to wear because I'm happy?

I hope this art will enliven your surroundings and make many sensations! Enjoy and live life to the fullest. Dottie.


JJ said...

Keep up the great work Dottie. I love your abstract artwork and outstanding outlook on life! May God Bless you.

JJ said...

Keep up the great work Dottie. Your outlook on life is an inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing you at the Gallery again soon. Love you always!

Dottie Phelps Visker said...

Hello, Will you be heading towards the coast? Morro Bay is quite lovely. It's a honor to be one of the artist at Gallery at Marina Square. I hope we might see you at the gallery!

Have a beautiful day, Dottie

Dottie Phelps Visker said...

Thank you JJ! I am glad my art is inspiring to you. I wish you all the best in your life and travels. Hope to meet you at the Gallery at Marina Square! Dottie Visker

Dottie Phelps Visker said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to hear good things about my abstract paintings! Hope we will meet at the gallery sometime! Life is a gift-get out there, and help others along the way! Wishes for a great day for you! ��Dottie Visker

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