Tig Lichty, Ornamental Turning

Tig (Rob) Lichty…

Has a passion for Ornamental Turning and Guilloche’ Engraving.  He loves finding, restoring and using the nearly extinct tools of the trade.  Making and sharing artful objects and giving tours of his atelier are his way of helping to keep these nearly lost arts alive today.

Tig has been called a Renaissance Man for much of his life.  It started when he was 15 years old working as a professional cabinetmaker and fine furniture builder.  After receiving his degree in Mechanical Engineering he began working as a wood and stone carver in San Francisco.  Pieces he worked on include a walnut Chinese style coffee table in a Getty family home and a 12 ton Parthenon style limestone fireplace mantle placed in a Sunrise, Idaho ski ‘cabin.’  During his school time at Cal Poly, SLO while working on his engineering degree he came upon a book describing Ornamental Turning (OT) – a perfect combination of woodworking and gears and cams.  He immediately fell in love.

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