Judy Rath, Ink and Resin

I have always drawn and painted. One of my first memories is my father, an architect and artist showing me shading as I was drawing my dreams. My father was also an Army officer and we lived overseas after World War II. The Philippines, Japan and Germany shaped me as a child and even the different posts in the US changed and broadened my world view. After college I married and my children and family took precedence, but I still drew and painted. As my children grew I went to work outside of the home and after a few years started my own bookkeeping business. That kept me busy, but, in the small spaces, I always drew and painted. 

Upon retiring, I expanded my painting, used many sources on the internet for inspiration and discovered fluid painting. That gave me freedom from the control I had always brought to my art and allowed me to use color in extraordinary ways. From there it was a short step to resin and the exciting methods and beauty that I find in that medium. I love the organic patterns that I create and always find the magic, clarity depth and emotion expressed with each painting.

Every day I walk into my studio and speak to you with color and form. It's been a journey of love and it's ongoing. 

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