Niki Greenfield, Jewelry

Niki Greenfield creates intricate and beautiful necklaces that feature different colors, styles, vibes and materials!

Judy Rath, Ink and Resin

I have always drawn and painted. One of my first memories is my father, an architect and artist showing me shading as I was drawing my dreams. My father was also an Army officer and we lived overseas after World War II. The Philippines, Japan and Germany shaped me as a child and even the different posts in the US changed and broadened my world view. After college I married and my children and family took precedence, but I still drew and painted. As my children grew I went to work outside of the home and after a few years started my own bookkeeping business. That kept me busy, but, in the small spaces, I always drew and painted. 

Upon retiring, I expanded my painting, used many sources on the internet for inspiration and discovered fluid painting. That gave me freedom from the control I had always brought to my art and allowed me to use color in extraordinary ways. From there it was a short step to resin and the exciting methods and beauty that I find in that medium. I love the organic patterns that I create and always find the magic, clarity depth and emotion expressed with each painting.

Every day I walk into my studio and speak to you with color and form. It's been a journey of love and it's ongoing. 

Tyler Priest, Illustration

Tyler is an incredible illustrator, using pen, ink, graphite and so much more he creates drawings that have depth and detail that draw you in to discover so much more!

James Thomas, Photography

"James Thomas is from Gilroy CA. He stumbled into photography during his frequent hikes around California, capturing the scenes of the mountains and sea while the seasons and days changed. His work mostly centers around the peace of the early morning sun and evening skies."

DJ Sorensen, Acrylic Painting

My paintings are my way of pushing back on all the (made up) manufactured drama in the world today , by manufacturing my own happier version.

D.J. Sorensen

Sharon West, Photography

Hello everyone,
My name is  Sharon West and I am a Photographer located in Atascadero, Calif. I love photographing Wildlife and Landscape. I am always looking for a new friend to join me early in the morning sitting out in the cold freezing  my body  off to get great  photos of birds and  any other  wildlife that I can capture.
Most of my photography is done here on the Central Coast, Morro Bay is a favorite,  and Atascadero Lake.
I also like to photograph the Milky Way during the  spring. Favorite spots being the Milky Way over the ocean. The Milky Way over vineyards and  Camp Roberts.
I live in Atascadero  with  my husband and a typical 16 year old, two mastiffs and  three cats.
I hope you enjoy my nature photos as much as I do taking them.

Tig Lichty, Ornamental Turning

Tig (Rob) Lichty…

Has a passion for Ornamental Turning and Guilloche’ Engraving.  He loves finding, restoring and using the nearly extinct tools of the trade.  Making and sharing artful objects and giving tours of his atelier are his way of helping to keep these nearly lost arts alive today.

Tig has been called a Renaissance Man for much of his life.  It started when he was 15 years old working as a professional cabinetmaker and fine furniture builder.  After receiving his degree in Mechanical Engineering he began working as a wood and stone carver in San Francisco.  Pieces he worked on include a walnut Chinese style coffee table in a Getty family home and a 12 ton Parthenon style limestone fireplace mantle placed in a Sunrise, Idaho ski ‘cabin.’  During his school time at Cal Poly, SLO while working on his engineering degree he came upon a book describing Ornamental Turning (OT) – a perfect combination of woodworking and gears and cams.  He immediately fell in love.

Ronald K Dieb, Acrylic Painting

Ronald creates colorful, intense and beautiful acrylic paintings that communicate emotion and vibrance!

Sheril Viau, Watercolor Artist

Watercolor Artist

Sheril Reddell Viau

I am lucky to be a lifelong resident of the Central Coast.  I grew up in Cayucos and Morro Bay.  I took many art classes in high school and college.  At one time I planned on becoming an art teacher, but life happened and I became a Special Education Teacher.  After retiring from Orcutt Union School District a few years ago, I was able to revisit my dream of becoming an artist.  I have studied watercolor with local artists, JoNeal Boic and Sandra Johnson.  I am a member of the Central Coast Watercolor Society.
My style involves lots of color.  I enjoy how watercolor flows freely, but I usually add lots of detail in the main areas of interest.  I especially enjoy painting flowers, landscapes and sea harbor scenes.

Hema Sukumar, Acrylic Painter

The world is full of vibrant colors and bright hues. As a person and as an artist, I am drawn to color. California’s colorful landscapes from the water’s edge to mountaintops are a constant source of my artistic inspirations.
As a resident artist of California, I gravitate towards painting nearby coastal scenes and landscapes from National Parks. While most of my paintings are studio based, I also paint plein air whenever possible. I am also an avid traveller and photographer and spend significant amount of time photographing the beautiful landscapes during my travel. My photos often serve as scenic reminders of the places I visit and later become subjects for my studio paintings. When I am not traveling, you will frequently find me painting the colorful flowers and critters from my garden. Painting has always been a form of escape for me. It gives me a sense of joy, peace, hope and a welcome break from the daily commotion of our busy lives. Through these impressionistic paintings, I hope to capture the spirit and beauty of the scene with vivid colors and textures.

James Silva, Photography

James Silva,

James Silva is a fifth generation Central Coast local.  He and his wife are kept busy raising their three beautiful daughters, but he still manages to make time to craft beautiful photographs.  It is James’ hope that through his photographs he will be able to share with you a spark of the Divine that is in all creation.

Kimberly Hempel, Painter

Kimberly Hempel

Kimberly Hempel: As we go through our day we happen upon objects that tell a story of use. What I enjoy doing is finding the right viewpoint to capture the moment. We are never quite sure why something was forgotten, lost, or left behind, but in this narrative, there is a something beautiful. For me, it's about looking for the beauty of everything around me. I feel as though I'm obsessed with the way light falls upon objects. I can find the allure in a piece of trash, or in the way a viewpoint provides the perfect setting for a picture. I'm always looking for that next inspiration for a work of art. I love the challenge of creating narratives in my works.

My current works feature still life in landscape, and explorations of interior settings as well. Using vintage and antique toys I introduce them into the environment to create the narrative of abandonment through placement and interaction with what is already there. Abandonment is an interesting narrative because it is an action that is intentional or unintentional. My paintings document the narrative of abandonment in a found narrative style as signs of human use no matter it's intention. That is why I love the intimacy of everyday objects and the nostalgia of antique or vintage toys as subjects. In my home studio, I work mostly with photo references to create oil paintings from my travels. When possible I work plein air to capture the mood of the light. I work from direct observation when possible and from photographic reference when the weather is inhospitable. Working from photographic references allows me to make a record of what I see and spend time in my studio translating that image on to the canvas.

With looking for beauty in all things around me, I'm inspired to create a variety of works that range from still life to landscapes and sometimes combine them. What I expect of my audience is for them to connect to the places I depict and the objects that I choose through the emotional quality of light. Ultimately it is my goal to convey the beautiful found in common everyday life that surrounds us.

Debbie Gedayloo, Sculpture & Felter

Debbie Gedayloo

Debbie Gedayloo creates amazing paper, fabric and fiber art. Be it Landscapes or abstracts, drawings or even felted bowls her works bring a soft touch to every space! Debbie's work truly stands out from the wall, and has a texture and a feel that you just want to touch!

Brian Johnson

Mixed Media

Brian Johnson received a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art from California State University Chico in 2015.

Like many abstract artists, Brian prefers to not title his abstract work. Brian also prefers to leave each abstract art piece open to be displayed at any orientation. Similar to how the Architect Antoni Gaudi' knew his building models would suffice once they stood solidly right-side up, and upside down, Brian typically knows his abstract compositions are pleasing when they work in at least 2 orientations. (Each Johnson abstract piece is original and singed on the back)

Dottie Phelps Visker

Abstract Acrylic Painting

Embrace life and enjoy the ride! You decide your life story! Happiness is your choice-so take it. Smile and people will smile back at you. 😍

Born in 1963, south Jersey. I was always busy creating as far back as I remember.
I am a self taught painter and but watched my Mom paint sometimes. I had several art classes in high school (that I loved) and oil painting class in college. I have done some smaller classes off and on for watercolor painting and jewelry making. However it wasn't until 2005 when I had breast cancer that I wanted to express myself and leave my mark on the world. I did drawings, watercolors, acrylics painting, card making and jewelry making. I started selling my jewelry in local boutiques and spas in 2006 in the Bay Area, Je T'aime Paris. In 2009 I was in full swing doing acrylic painting, especially abstract. 2014 knocked down with diagnosis of cancer left breast, but after a month, and returned from christmas holiday, the confirmed cancer mass was gone! It was my Christmas Miracle, documented in my chart at UC Davis Cancer Center.

In my backyard I get inspiration-Colors in the flowers, sky and birds. I like to paint outside and inside. I adore the sunshine and have to be in a sunny room near the window. Hopefully I am wearing something new-it always seems to inspire me. Or is it that I'm already inspired and that's why I went shopping and bought something new to wear because I'm happy?

I hope this art will enliven your surroundings and make many sensations! Enjoy and live life to the fullest. Dottie.

Suzanne Leon

Acrylic Painting

Suzanne paints still life, nature and Landscapes. She uses acrylic paints to create amazing, beautiful paintings of our wonderful Central Coast and the fantastic life within it!

Suzanne's paintings can be found in our Upper Gallery! 

Suzanne lives here in Morro Bay.

Craig Harrill

Acrylic, Oil, Pen and Ink and more

Craig B. Harrill is a teacher in the central valley with deep family ties to Morro Bay. He has done several murals, and many sets and backgrounds for theater productions.

“I love to surf, and the ocean has cradled me in her arms for over 50 years now. I paint scenes, or draw images, that evoke emotions. I enjoy doing different types of medias and I am always wanting someone to look at my work and say “Aaah” or “hmmm?”

“I do portraits, murals, commissions, sculpture, charcoals, oils, acrylics, inks and I also make spirit bags out of Deer Leather.”

Craig lives in Exeter California, his artwork can be found in our Upper Gallery!!

Marjorie Zlotowitz


There’s plenty of evidence that since the rise of humankind, we’ve been making art. For lack of a cave wall, my first masterpiece, a maroon Crayola giraffe, was executed on the upholstery of a new piece of furniture. My mother assured me that was when I began suffering for my art.

Ever since we humans figured out how to string stones and bones, we’ve adorned ourselves with things we find aesthetically pleasing. I got in on that action after a half-century of drawing and painting. Now, I view jewelry-making as 3-dimensional painting. I love the colors, shapes, and textures of natural stones, various metals, and vintage beads. The breathtaking beauty of the Central Coast provides endless inspiration. If you share my obsession with shiny, sparkly, and natural things, please have a look. If you make a purchase, you'll be supporting Alzheimer's and cancer research. Wear my jewelry in good health!

Carlo Christian


© Carlo Christian

Artist Statement
From a young age, I have been in love with the craft and art of photography. I was fortunate to work as a commercial printer in two prestigious photo labs, as well as, an assistant photographer in a high-end fashion studio. Today I work as a chemist and own a small studio and photography business.
My interest in history, both natural and human, informs my choice of photographic subjects. My favorite mentor taught me when outdoors nature tells us about relationships, the cycles of life and matter, organic and inorganic: “just look around and listen.” This lesson still inspires my photographic vision.
I love revisiting deserted buildings, farms, ranches and junk yards over time as they return to nature—the sacred circle. These abandoned places whisper stories of our ancestor’s dreams and lives when we take the time to look and listen. My ambition is to share those impressions.

Alison Salome


Secret Grove © Alison Salome

Oh, to walk where the ocean kisses the land!! To have my feet in the sand while the surf surges over them and swirls around my ankles - this is pure bliss. If only I could capture this feeling and share it with you!

I have always felt that I belong on the California Coast, where I can hear the ocean and taste the salt in the air. My images bring to life the sand, the sea, the playful otters, the majestic pelicans, or a dramatic sunset over the ocean.

Most of my photographs are from the area between Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo, although occasional road trips to the North provide images from the Mendocino area.

Thank you for viewing my photographs. I hope that they bring you the feeling of having your feet in the sand.
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Jane Wells Nelson


Bowl © Jane Wells Nelson

Jane Wells Nelson lives in Templeton and creates unique porcelain pottery.
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Linda Hill

Jewelry and Glass

Pocket Vase © Linda Hill

Linda Hill lives in Los Osos and creates glass and jewelry pieces.
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Linda Richardson

Stained Glass

Crane © Linda Richardson

Linda has lived in Morro Bay and worked as a professional land surveyor on the Central Coast since the mid 1980’s and loves the profession. Surveying will always be her first love. However, Linda felt she needed a hobby so she taught herself stained glass from a book. After taking her first class years later she found out just how much she didn’t know.

Linda says she tends to jump into things with both feet so her first large project was a 2.5' x 3.5' dragon with two babies hatching from eggs beneath her. It’s still her favorite. A friend offered to buy it but she didn’t want to sell it so she made one for her to her size specifications. Since then Linda has filled all her windows (and most of her friends’) with colorful stained glass art.

Linda has donated pieces to scholarship and Wounded Warriors auctions and California Land Surveyors Association chapter barbeques as well as various other fund raisers.
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Spanky Anderson

Acrylic & Oil

Cloudburst © Spanky Anderson

Spanky grew up in Georgia and learned to draw and paint at an early age. He later traveled the south and exhibited his artwork of the southern landscape. He graduated from the University of West Georgia with a BA in Art, where he was awarded two Permanent Collection awards from Peter Augustini, a world renowned sculptor from New York, and internationally known painter Donald Cooper. Upon graduation, Spanky began his career as a graphic designer and colorist with a major carpet and textile manufacturer.

In the mid-seventies Spanky accepted a designer colorist position in Southern California where he continued to paint and pursue his love of the local land and seascape.

Most recently Spanky has moved to the Morro Bay area where he says “My peripheral vision of the central coast virtually dictates the color palette and brushstrokes onto my canvas.”
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Alexandra S. Iorio

Iconic Paintings on Stone

Madonna & Child © Alexandra S. Iorio

Alexandra S. Iorio is “Zamba Arts.” Zamba Arts provides handmade religious icons for homes and hearts around the globe. The goal is to enhance a spiritual experience, to help in creating a connection for miraculous intervention, or simply complement that place for quiet prayer in the home. Alexandra creates the images on stone, in of itself representing the spiritual and earthly creation. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”
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Lisa Kanofsky

Mixed Media & Jewelry 

© Lisa Kanofsky

Lisa Kanofsky is a California native. She has an A.A. degree in fashion design from Brooks college in Long Beach, California This is where she discovered her affinity for textiles, textile design, silk ainting and fashion accessories. She also holds a B.A degree in liberal arts from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California.

Having lived in Europe and Africa broadened her aesthetic scope and palette. Always influenced by her surroundings, she draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and urban landscapes.

In 2011, Lisa created an online shop featuring her tiny art pieces and her “tiny tableau pendants.” This collection now includes rings and earrings. These are created from portions of original mixed media paintings and are secured under a glass cabochon. Each piece is an original work signed by the artist.
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Carole McDonald

Fabric—Felted Bags

Felted Purse © Carole McDonald

Carole is a native Californian who loves to create felted bags and “ibags” to display and sell at the gallery. She is also a self taught oil painter, and she moved to the Central Coast in 2009 to pursue acrylics and water mixable oils.

“As a former Disney Imagineer, working at the happiest place on earth where art was everywhere and discussed every day, my imagination soared. More vibrant colors came to mind along with a general tranquil feeling… Little did I know I would retire to the happiest city in America. Small World.”
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Linda Bench


Linda likes to draw inspiring natural scenes—coastal panoramas, oak covered hillsides, flowers and wildlife. While she’s always enjoyed drawing and art, she learned to draw well while studying landscape architecture in college. In 1998, she began focusing her artistic efforts on colored pencil drawing, and has slowly built up her portfolio.

Each picture takes about 20 to 25 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the background. She starts with a line drawing, slowly building up multiple layers of color to achieve the depth and intensity she’s looking for. Linda lives with her family in the mountains between Morro Bay and Atascadero.  

Jeff Odell


Main Street © Jeff Odell

Jeff Odell has pursued the “truth of color” for more than 30 years on the Central California Coast, painting rural/urban landscapes, seascapes, portraits and figures, interior studies, and “anything that will sit long enough to serve as a subject.” He has created public artwork within the City of Morro Bay, including two “Art Cans” (large concrete trash cans turned into murals); one is located at the top of the Centennial Stairway, next to Dorn’s Breakers Café, the other is at 845 Embarcadero. He has a large mural on the north wall of the Backstage Salon, located at 960 Main Street, and he has also worked with school children to create a large painting on canvas, which hangs in the multi-purpose room at Del Mar Elementary School in north Morro Bay.

A major influence for Jeff was his experience in the painting studio of nationally recognized painter and Professor Emeritus Wilbur Niewald, who taught that the only way to get at the visual truth of color is to work directly from nature.

Sarah DeLong


Early Morning in Morro Bay by Sarah K. DeLong

Sarah DeLong moved to Morro Bay at the end of 2011 after living in Grinnell, Iowa. Watercolor has been her medium of choice for over 24 years. She is in her element painting by a mountain stream or painting a boat in a harbor. In recent years painting people has been an interest of hers. Sarah loves the glowing transparent colors you get with watercolor and has developed a loose realistic style.

Sarah is a signature member of the Iowa watercolor Society and has won a 1st, a 3rd and two 5th place ribbons in their Annual Jury Show. She has exhibited in many shows in California, Minnesota and Iowa.

Bill Sima


@ Bill Sima

Bill Sima is a local orthopaedic surgeon who has been practicing in Templeton for twenty years. Growing up in Hawaii inspired his passion for photography. He primarily captures pictures of the coastline. Each picture is digitally enhanced to reflect the beauty of the central coast. Bill travels frequently to places like Costa Rica and Belize for missionary work. Besides doing photography he enjoys kite boarding, flying, tennis and bike riding. He also volunteers his time to his local church and to the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department Flying Samaritans for humanitarian medical aide in the aero squadron.

Virginia Mack


Untitled © Virginia Mack

Virginia Mack is a native Californian. She has been exploring and savoring the wild lands of the state throughout her life. She has been living on the Central Coast for 10 years. She is a part-time instructor at both Allan Hancock College and Cuesta College in the fine arts departments.

Virginia, along with her late husband John, also an artist, has spent endless hours exploring the back roads of San Luis Obispo County seeking those bits of landscape that are visually stimulating. Virginia works primarily in watercolors and mixed media and is a colorist at heart. She builds most of her pieces in a wet-on-wet process (wet watercolor paints on wet watercolor paper) resolving the pieces as the paper slowly dries. She creates the forms with rich colors that she plays off against contrasting colors thereby subduing them while preserving their presence in layers of color. She often mixes the watercolor process with work using colored pencils, pastel, charcoal, and pencil.

Virginia received her education in fine arts at the University of California, Berkeley. She has taken additional classes at The California College of Arts and Crafts and in independent workshops.

Jarien de Ham

Chinese Brush Painting

Swallows in Willows © Jarien de Ham

Jarien de Ham has lived on the Central Coast since 1974 with her husband, Gerald, and has raised two sons here. Her interest in art began as a child, then on to a BA from UCSB, working as an artist from home, followed by classes in Chinese painting and calligraphy at Cuesta College in the early 2000’s. This added to a lifelong interest in Asian culture from martial arts to Zen Buddhism leading, naturally to study at an art academy in Hangzhou, China. It is ever a challenge to master traditional techniques as well as push the boundaries of spontaneity. The climate and locale of the Central Coast continues to inspire and feed the need to express landscapes and forms with an Asian feel.

Thomas Mackenzie Brown


Blue Crystalline Vase © Thomas Mackenzie Brown 

Thomas Mackenzie Brown received a BFA Degree in Art with specialization in technical ceramics from California State University at Long Beach.

In 1983, Thomas studied crystalline glaze development with little direction as there was little experience or documentation published on the subject of crystals. Working with crystalline glazes quickly became his passion.

Thomas has been an Art Instructor in California during the past 16 years. He is currently working on his post graduate degree in technical ceramics and glaze calculations. His constant endeavor in the subject of ceramics is to produce new, exciting colors and versions of crystalline glazed pieces that are well made, beautiful to look at and help add value to the understanding of form as it relates to crystalline and other glazes.

Diane Miller


Hen salt and pepper shaker © Diane Miller

If you attend local craft events you have watched Diane Miller improve over the last 25 years. Her medium is pyrex glass. She starts with rods and tubing and works over a small bench torch. She melds, fuses, cajoles and defines her original pieces. The rods and tubing become earrings, scent bottles, ornaments, salt and pepper shakers. Diane is also a watercolor painter. Cartooning is her muse. She is sure to keep a watercolor journal of her travels and life's notable events. Diane is a native of the Central Coast and lives in Morro Bay with her husband, Ed, who is also a glass blower.
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Don Doubledee

Graphite, Pen and Ink, Colored Pencil

My Yen© Don Doubledee

Don Doubledee has been an Architect since 1982. Don has become known locally for portraits he has completed with graphite, color pencil or pen and ink.

His “Postcards of Amsterdam” began a number of series of what Don calls his “Postcard” sketches featuring line drawings he has completed while vacationing around the world. Now, his “Postcards of Morro Bay” series features detailed pencil drawings of Morro Bay’s waterfront.

James A. Crawford


 Dinosaur Caves - Shell Beach © James A. Crawford

Crawford’s interest in art began in high school and further developed at Orange Coast College where he majored in Architecture and minored in History and Art.

In 1966 while in Viet Nam, he purchased his first 35mm camera and with limited time, he was able to begin his craft. Upon his return to the States, Crawford lived and worked in Laguna Beach, Ca. pursuing an Architectural career while continuing to photograph and interacting with area artists. In 1976, James moved to San Luis Obispo to further his education at Cal Poly where he majored in Architecture and minored in Photography. James continues to further his photographic education through yearly workshops with varied Master Photographers. James Crawford’s work is a part of many private art collections.

Gregory Siragusa

Digital Photography

Stillness and Light © Gregory Siragusa

Gregory Siragusa is a digital photographer whose photographs capture a variety of subject matter representing nature, performance and architecture.

Greg presents his photographs to the viewer and marvels how the context of each image is interpreted.

Having relocated to the Central Coast approximately 15 years ago, Greg is traveling constantly, perpetually refining his focus on nature, architecture, music and mood.

Greg’s photos focus on subjects that are subtle or commonplace to grand in nature.

Karen Peterson


Gas Station in Bodie © Karen Peterson

Karen’s interest in photography began when she received her first camera on her 9th birthday. After earning a B.S. in Recreation Administration her interest in photography was rekindled by her father’s gift of his old Ziess Contaflex 35mm SLR.

Karen began creating images using the Polaroid Image & Emulsion Transfer processes in the early 1990’s. She has also explored other photographic techniques including hand coloring traditional darkroom b&w and infrared prints, Polaroid SX-70 Manipulations and digital “hand coloring”.

Karen’s images have won numerous awards including the Central Coast Photographic Society’s juried fine art photography shows, the Mid-State Fair, San Mateo County Fair, KINSA, New Times & Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contests.

Alice Cahill


A Sense of Place © Alice Cahill

Alice Cahill is an award winning nature photographer. Her inspiration is the Earth – she is fascinated by it, and she believes in nature as a healing force and a refuge from the chaos of daily life.

Alice’s photographs have been published in many nature and photo magazines, including Outdoor California, Photographers Forum, Outdoor and Nature, and Oprah’s O Magazine.

Alice is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.
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Ardella Swanberg

Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor

Bridal Veil © Ardella Swanberg

Ardella was raised in Garden Grove, California, lived in many locations, and relocated to the Central Coast 10 years ago. Ardella’s inspirations have been the subjects found in the many places she has lived—she now lives on a cattle ranch north of Cayucos.

Ardella received a BS in Art Education, from the University of Minnesota. In addition, she teaches art classes in Cayucos.

Gay McNeal

Fiber Art and Jewelry

Sevens © Gay McNeal

Gay’s love of textiles and the fiber arts started when her mother taught her to sew when she was ten years old.

Gay received a BA in Art with an emphasis in Interior and Textile Design from C.S.U. Long Beach. She continues to take classes in order to explore and experiment with all aspects of the fiber arts.

Gay possesses an appreciation of the multifaceted role that fiber has played in the art and material cultures of many ethnic societies, and her creative high comes from the actual process of trying out the multitude of techniques, both old and new available to textile artists today.

George William Asdel

Pen & Ink, Pencil, Watermedia

Artist Meets Bear © George W. Asdel

George was raised in Monterey Park, California, obtained an art education at East Los Angeles College, and C.S.U. Los Angeles and Fullerton, and now resides in Atascadero.

George has taught art at the Hibbs’ Cove Art Centre in Newfoundland, Canada, and at the Charles Paddock Zoo. He has owned art galleries, and his scenes of fishing villages have sold to collectors from around the world.

George is a member of the Central Coast Printmakers and OPAG. He enters art shows, helps in the schools, illustrates books and greeting cards, and involved in many other projects.

Gregory Stephen McIntosh

Gouache & Pastel

Magus © Gregory Stephen McIntosh

“Figurative and atmospheric expressions emerge in gouache, pastel, powdered pigment, ink and oil, as monotype and painting. The form and content are neither abstractions nor representations, not ornamental nor a likeness, but rather exist as reality unto themselves, providing perhaps a glimpse into that vital inner world of unrealizable dreams, Chimera.”
Gregory Stephen McIntosh


Hope Myers

Watercolor & Jewelry

Chub © Hope Myers

Hope Myers is an award-winning artist who paints watercolors and makes one-of-a-kind jewelry in her "An Artist's Garden" studio in Los Osos, California. She began to work with art forms as a child and continued her interests through a B.A. degree in Wisconsin with a minor in Art History.

In California, Hope has extended her fine arts studies through academic classes at Cal Poly, and through professional workshops with Robert Reynolds, Helmuth Wegner, Kolan Peterson, Tom Lynch, and others.

Her primary medium is transparent watercolor. Using vibrant colors in sometimes unusual combinations; in clean and at times simple settings, she emphasizes her love for the beauty
of living things and outdoor scenes that can brighten our lives.

Jack McNeal


Shark Inlet © Jack McNeal

I have always been a wanderer. As a child I would explore the hills around our home in Highland Park, CA. Later after we moved to Long Beach, I would explore the salt flats and dunes of dredging spoil near the San Gabriel River and Alamitos Bay. A few years later I had a small boat and spent days on Alamitos Bay. Around this time, I began to photograph during my explorations. Not many years after that I started to dive. This led to a series of home made underwater camera cases and participation in underwater photo exhibitions.

My explorations continue to the present with a clear bias toward the sea. I attempt to capture my love of water while hiking, cycling and paddling canoes and kayaks.

Nona Jane Siragusa

Oil Painting and Mixed Media

Grigori Angel © Nona Jane Siragusa

Plein-air artist, Nona Jane Siragusa’s landscape and seascape paintings in oil capture the clear and intense light of the Central Coast. Among California’s Impressionist-inspired painters, Nona Jane is trained to paint “en plein-air” or out-of-doors.

Nona Jane also paints various types of Angels using different kinds of paper, cloth, paint, inks, and varnish—a collage and photomontage of other mediums.

When asked why she paints angels, Jane has said, “I believe that Angels move among us and encourage us along in life by their will and intellect. I can feel them invisibly directing my actions.”

Patricia Newton


Simple Pleasures © Pat Newton

As a child gazing into the dreamy landscapes painted by a favorite aunt, I decided early on that I wanted to explore painting in oils! Although raising a family and a career slowed this goal down a bit, I continued to pursue lifelong dreams and began to paint. I have been painting with oils for over thirty years now.

A career brought me to what became my second love... the Central Coast of California! I planted roots, worked hard, painted when time permitted and raised a family. I have been a resident of the Central Coast for over 25 years and paint whenever there is a spare moment!

I love to paint with lots of fine layers (glazing) to give each piece that translucent effect. There are endless skies, sea and hillsides to fill the heart of an artist.

My hopes and dreams are that each work of art I produce goes to a happy and loving home, because it feels a tiny bit of my soul goes with it.

Susan Wood


Estero Bluffs © Susan Wood

Susan grew up in Italy and New York City, with artist parents, and graduated from the Boston University School of Fine Arts with classical training in drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Susan settled in Morro Bay in 2003, and although she majored in sculpture, she found new delight in watercolors, inspired by the beauty of the Central Coast. Susan’s watercolors are of local scenes and are done outside, on location (plein air). Her aim is to capture the energy and essence of the setting, rather than be exactingly realistic.

In 2007 she won an award at the Aquarius juried watercolor show at the SLO Art Center.
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We are located at 601 Embarcadero, Suite 10, Morro Bay, CA 93442.
Telephone 805 • 772 • 1068

Business Hours

The Gallery at Marina Square opens at 10 am, seven days a week. The Gallery is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We are located at 601 Embarcadero, Suite 10, Morro Bay, CA 93442.
Telephone 805•772•1068

Welcome to the Gallery at Marina Square Blog

Since this is our first blog posting, we wanted to provide you with a bit of Gallery history.

In the beginning, well in the 1990’s anyway, a number of artists belonged to the San Luis Artists’ Gallery, a co-op located in the Creamery in San Luis Obispo, California. The artists were anxious to show their work, sell some art, and most importantly, have a place to display their art – a place where people could experience the heart, soul and passion that was poured into every work of art.

The foot traffic was light and not a lot of sales were made in those early days, but being a true co-op, the artists kept busy with committee and membership meetings. Every idea was put to vote and required a consensus of the co-op members to implement. This soon became a bit overwhelming and a small group of the artists decided to band together and go out on their own. They searched for months, for that perfect location, and several months later, finally found the current location at Marina Square.

This group, having experienced a true co-op, knew that they did not want to organize their new business as a co-op, so they identified an owner, Nona Jane Siragusa, and “hub” group, Hope Myers, Richard Kish, Karen Peterson, Pat Newton, Deb Festa, most recently, Ardella Swanberg and Alice Cahill, to bring the gallery from dream to reality.

The group worked very hard to clean, paint, light and prepare the gallery for its grand debut, and in July 2003, Gallery at Marina Square opened. The original group worked very diligently to create new art, hang and display their artwork, market the gallery, and work the gallery. Their efforts paid off and soon most of the artists from the San Luis Artists’ Gallery joined them in their new endeavor.

The gallery continues to grow and evolve, and there are now more than 60 award-winning professional artists represented. The gallery represents painters in all media, sculptors in metal and ceramics, photographers, jewelers, glass blowers and fusers, woodcrafts, and fabric artists. In addition, the gallery artists keep things fresh by updating their displays monthly. Also, new artists are welcome to be juried in to get on our waiting list, by contacting Jane Siragusa. The gallery is open daily, from 10 am, and a public reception is held the second Friday of every month (from 5-8 pm) and features the work of a member artist and a guest artist.

Gallery at Marina Square is much more than just a gallery. It is a family of artists, who have a passion to express themselves artistically. We rely on one another for support and encouragement, and we love interacting with everyone who steps through our doors. We invite you to visit the gallery during our regular business hours, or for an artists' reception. If for some reason you can’t visit us in person, we invite you to stay connected via our Gallery at Marina Square Blog –

We hope to see you soon!